I really think I know what’s best, so if you take that with a grain of salt, my essays are far less annoying.

The nightmare is over. I mean a very specific nightmare, and we all know who I am talking about. There are still far worse nightmares present that go by many different names, but most notably and recently they have lost some of their strength and voice. These past two election…

— Written February 25, 2020 —

**DISCLAIMER: I am literally not a doctor! I am not that smart no matter how much you think I am! Opinions are my own!***

Compassion fatigue was a phenomenon that was originally associated with healthcare workers because of their job demanding that they “commonly…

The Fog

Walking to work this morning, I was greeted by an aggressive fog.

It is the kind of fog that extends beyond its natural domain.

The heavy, misty air creeps its way into the depths of the heart, soul, and mind.

It’s the kind of fog that sets a…

Caroline Wagner

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